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Honest Work

This elderly man has stayed with me for months now. On my way back home from Svay Pak, I drive across a street market near our house to pick up groceries for dinner. I came across this elderly man probably in his late 70 early 80 selling handmade household equipment. I just have a lot of admiration and respect for him. I didn't need a mango stick picker but I just felt like I have to buy it to help support his hardworking...

He amazes me in every way... the fact that he has so much patience tiding all of the pieces of equipment on his bike and rides his bike everywhere to sell all of those beautiful hand made products is amazing. It just all to show a man worth is not based on his titles and money but on how hard he works to provide and support his family.

I know buying a mango picker from him is a couple of dollars more than going to my regular lady but I also know that he bought it from a wholesaler for the same price that I was going to pay but the point is he could go on the street and begging for money or demand that his children support him while he setting at home hanging out with his buddies. But he has shown that his ability to work and willingness to go the distance to be an exemplary father, grandfather, and husband. I have so much admiration for him because he chose to work hard to earn an honest living.

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