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We must always take sides

Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victims.

Silence encourages the tormentor,

never the tormented 

- Elie Wiessel

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Happy Childhood


We are Samuel and Reaksmey Haas. We are Missionaries in Cambodia and have served there since January of 2019. We are in Cambodia to spread the love of God and to fight against the evil of human trafficking, in particular sex trafficking.

In our fight against human trafficking, we have partnered with Agape International Missions (AIM). AIM works holistically to end human trafficking by working to prevent children from being trafficked, protecting girls, rescuing the exploited, and empowering survivors. Samuel is the Cambodia Director of Finance for AIM and is responsible for ensuring that the programs are able to run their programs effectively from a financial perspective while overseeing various other non-program funds. Reaksmey has been working directly with survivors and at-risk youth and women by doing bible studies, outreach, providing for their needs, and being there for them when they need an ear or a shoulder to cry on. She has also designed several jewelry pieces for AIM’s collections and has trained the survivors and at-risk women in AIM’s Training Center on how to make them.      

We are actively working in the community and spreading the love of Christ outside of our responsibilities at AIM. We have been welcoming many at-risk youth and young adults into our home at various times to provide them with housing, food, and other necessities, and, most importantly, a foundation in Christ. Most of these stays are temporary, but we hope to be able to expand our capabilities in 2021 by providing semi-permanent accommodations to 5 at-risk youth and young adults. These accommodations will include providing for education and support for their individual long-term goals in life.  

We have also been actively involved in other humanitarian aid efforts by supporting the efforts of AIM, providing food and supplies to people in need through a local church, working with the local government to provide food and supplies to the community, as well as supporting local churches and ministries financially.    

 Our biggest hope for the people we serve is for them to know how much they are loved by Jesus Christ. That they will seek God's love as daily sustenance and rely on him in the midst of confusion and hardship. To have Christ as their foundation, their rock, and their anchor.

We want to continue to God’s mission in Cambodia to fight against the evil of human trafficking and to show God’s love to the people of Cambodia. Since we have arrived in Cambodia, God has opened so many doors for us to be able to help those in need by providing accommodations, humanitarian aid, medical care, and supporting local churches and ministries. He continuously provides us with new opportunities (big and small) and He has been faithful in providing the resources we have needed to meet those needs. 

We believe that the purpose of Faith is not to change God's will but to empower us to act on God's will. The truth is that we wouldn't be able to say “Yes” to the lives of all those whom God has entrusted us with without your generous and faithful support. We and the Cambodian people are so blessed and grateful for your support! We hope you feel empowered to act on God's will with us, to say YES to the one in need, and to SAVE lives! 

We serve as missionaries of Church of the Valley ("COV"), our home Church, and all support raised will go to the benefit of COV's Cambodia Mission. Therefore, all donations given through this site are tax-deductible donations to Church of the Valley, a registered California Religious Non-Profit. Any purchases made will go directly to Samuel & Reaksmey Haas for the sole benefit of supporting the Haas Cambodia Mission. 100% of the gross profits are used to that end.  

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